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Handmade North Country Spider Wax - 722, 721, 621

Handmade North Country Spider Wax
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722, 721 and 621 wax for North Country Spiders

For the true purists, this is the wax for you! This is traditional fly tying wax used by the first North Country Spider tiers, made of a specific combination of Beeswax, Rosin and Castor Oil *(Originally lard or tallow was used as a softening agent but Castor Oil has since replaced it). Different combinations of the three ingredients were used to get different consistencies for tying during different times of the year. 722 (Winter) Wax is the softest and was used used during the Winter because there was no heating! Tiers would carry the wax in their pocket on their way to work so it would be soft and malleable and ready to use by the time they got there.  621 (Summer) Wax is the hardest and was made for the opposite reason the Winter's Wax was. Because they had no air conditioning, the tiers needed a harder wax that wouldn't melt in the hot conditions they were tying in. 721 (Medium) Wax is somewhere in the middle.
This wax is used specifically for Pearsall's Gossamer Silk to strengthen and darken the thread while tying as well as hold material in place. The wax is made in limited batches so get it while it's around because we won't have it long!

Made locally
Manufacturer: Great Feathers

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best fly tying wax bar none
Boris K (Canfield, OH) 9/7/2013 6:01 PM
I first tried this when I began to tie old school wet flies, including winged wets and spiders. It has now become a staple at my tying station. Flies tied with waxed thread are tougher and better looking. Necessary for silk thread, this wax also improves the performance of synthetic threads. Tie sparse flies with tight thread wraps, waxed with this wax. You'll be shocked at how long beautiful flies last without epoxy and the like. Big fish approved! Highly, highly recommended.